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Our Mission

Sustainably Growing Since 2020

Dair Farms is an up and coming farm in Rehoboth MA that specializes in Microgreens, baby greens and edible flowers. Using korean natural farming methods combined with organic, sustainable ideals we strive to bring the freshest, most nutritious, fun and exciting greens to your plate.

Our dream is to make the most out of every inch of our eight acre farm. From bountiful fruit trees to greenhouse grown Microgreens, we want to create a hands on learning experience for the local Bristol Community Youth. We are working toward becoming a fully sustainable and organic farm that utilizes these bright and bold new ideas to bring life back to one of the oldest farming towns in the US, Rehoboth MA!

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About Us

Dair Farms was started in 2020 by my husband (Brendan) and I (Courtney). We wanted a functioning homestead, a way to get away from living and working in Boston and get back to where we felt we belonged. The city is great, but we missed the sound of frogs bringing in spring, the darting lights of fireflies across the lawn. Not to mention the taste of something fresh from the garden. The sharp pop and crack of a snap pea, or the sweet warm tang of a tomato in the summer sun.
So, we packed up and left our beloved Boston. We didn’t move far, an hour drive or less, which found us settled on this beautiful bit of land in Rehoboth. It is amazing really, this beautiful little home that looks like something out of a Studio Ghibli movie, tucked in an old  oak and maple forest. Those feelings were exactly what inspired our name! Dair is old Irish for Oak Tree. It represents being strong, hard, solid, as well as the fact that oaks tree’s being a sacred tree. The Dair knot that graces our wedding bands represents the roots of an oak tree, and how no matter the storm the roots run so deep it will never give up or yield. We knew the moment we drove down the long curving driveway and into these woods, this was home. This was our bit of earth to be steadfast guardians and steward of.
She needed work, a lot of work. Lost, forgotten, and neglected our little bit of bliss needed to be loved  and nurtured again. So in 2019 we started preparation for what was to come. Using goats to clear the land, being selective about thinning tree’s to allow for new strong growth, and repurposing those trees for garden beds and buildings. Chickens range free to kept away pests and help to till and cultivate the soil. We won’t lie, our first garden was a horrible flop. Deer and rabbits enjoyed our crop before we did! Storms brought down huge dead limbs to finish off the rest. But every loss is a lesson learned and we were eager to go into the next growing year.  This is what farming is about, all these tiny little moments and lessons.
And so in 2020 we expanded and grew from our mistakes, working in harmony with the land rather than try to control her. Shifting our garden location, picking the perfect spot for seasonal produce, a new spot for our beloved Boer Goats, Kune Kune Pigs, Muscovy Ducks, and chickens was the first of our many steps down this new path.
In fall of 2020 we started to construct our greenhouse for Microgreens and seedling starts! These were by far our favorite produce we grew and wanted to share with the world. They not only brightened all of our meals, but they also helped us to get healthier. Though we started with a little on our plates, we have ended up eating a great deal of these amazing superfoods. We’ve begun looking at them as more than just garnish to brighten our plates and add a pop of flavor. In the ten months we have been growing them we both were able to come off our blood pressure medication, and lost nearly a hundred pounds between us. Sure it was in part due to the hard work of farming, but also I give them credit as they graced our plates every night.

It was around October before we sat down to discuss our plans for 2021. We were eager to share what we had learned and loved. So we decided we wanted to bring our love of the amazing little powerhouse to everyone else we could. And so here we are, getting ready to enter our first year, and we can’t wait! 

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