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Available Pigs and Piglets


Pricing and Policy

Breed Quality Piglets $750 

All of our breeding quality pigs are kept until 8 -12 weeks of age. This insures that we are given the time to properly review and choose which piglets will make the cut for future breeding programs. We do not believe that every liter will produce breeding quality and would rather be more selective with what piglets enter the genetic pool. As 200 in 12 breeders, we strive for size and growth rate paired with confirmation first and foremost. This is why we retain our piglets a couple extra weeks to make sure and choose only the very best.
All Breed Quality Pigs come registered, vaccinated, with a 5gallon bucket of food currently on, document folder including weight proof and weekly weigh-ins. 

Pet Quality Piglets $250+

Our Pet Piglets are ones that were originally selected as breeding quality, but did not make the final cut. We choose these because of all the litter they are the most sound of confirmation. While their growth means they were not qualified as breeders, it ensures your piglet will have the least amount of health issues down the line. All pet quality piglets come spayed or castrated to ensure they have the best possible personality for when they grow up!
All Pet Quality Pigs come vaccinated, with a 5gallon bucket of food currently on, spayed or neutered.
Price is based off meat pig pricing and the Vet fee to spay or neuter.
Due to this it's subject to changed based on size/age of piglet and fluctuating vet costs.

Meat Pigs
Option A $5 lb on the hoof. 
Option B $7 lb on the hoof

Option A can be done two different ways. You take a piglet with you and raise on your own farm, or we raise it for you.
When we raise a piglet for you, you simply put down a $250 deposit and we do the rest! You will receive updates at 6 months, 8, and 10 months. At six months we discuss where you would like to have your pig processed and can make a appointment for you and walk you through choice of cuts. We will happily transport your pig to a local processor free of charge but anything further then 25 miles is subject to a mileage charge.  

Option B is simply that you wish to buy a pig that we have on property and have not signed into a contract. This may be reaching out to purchase a 3 month old roaster, a 6-9 month pig for the BBQ or perhaps a 12 month old to fill your freezer. This does not leave you signed into a contract with us, but also does not guarantee you a pig. 
Only barrows are available for raise your own, and come castrated and vaccinated. 

Available Piglets

We are happy to say our Winter 2021/2022 Farrowing season has come to a close. 
We have numerous piglets we are currently evaluating from these litters.
Current Breedstock Piglets Available:

Last updated 7/8/2022

Born January 11th
Iowa & Jumba - Boar - Black - .48lb daily growth -12 even teets






Born January 12th
Abigail & Jumba - Boar- ginger spotted - .46lb daily growth - 5/6 teets
Abigail & Jumba - Gilt - Ginger spotted - .48lb daily growth - 12 even teets
Abigail & Jumba - Boar - Ginger Spotted - .49lb daily growth - 12 even teets
















Born June 9th
Upcoming Available Piglets August 10th:
Lucy & Jumba - Black/White Belted - .51 daily growth - 12 even teets
Lucy & Jumba - Ginger/White Belted - .49 Daily Growth -12 even teets

Pet Quality Piglets

Lucy & Jumba - Black Barrow

Meat Piglets
4 Piglets confirmed for Meat Production:
3 For Raise your own
1 for purchase where we Raise.

We've a new litter of 9 piglets on the ground from Kau and Jumba and a litter of 9 from Abigail and Jumba! They will be evaluated at 1 month old for confirmation and growth rate. We are not taking deposits however will add names to a list for this litter.

To take a look at our Piglets under evaluation and the litter as a whole
feel free to take a peak at our growth monitoring spreadsheet!
Click here to View

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