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Our mission, one plate at a time

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A bit about Kune Kune's

1) How big do Kune Kune's get?
That is a tricky question. Many will say they never grow larger then 200 pounds. But that is far from the truth especially for good meat lines. Our pigs hit within 10 pounds or exceed 200 pounds by 12 months of age and KEEP growing. Our prize breeding boar right now in his prime is 365lbs. Our largest sow Abigail comes in at 310lbs. And as you can see from her photos she is NOT a fat pig. So this is something to consider when purchasing a Kune Kune. 
2) How do I feed my Kune Kune? Can they truely survive on just pasture?
Yes, and no. For a healthy well rounded diet your Kune Kune is going to need more then pasture. They should consume between 3-4% of their weight a day in feed, veggies, fruits, and treats. 
You want to avoid things like bread or other fillers that have no nutritional value, carrots make for amazing treats for your little loves.
3) So how do you feed? Is there a special secret to 200 in 12? 
Honestly, genetics! Genetics are key. As for our feed. Our custom blend from the local feed mill has a 20% protein, 2% lysine, 5%fat and 8%fiber ratio. You want to avoid mini pig food. And never. EVER measure in 'cups' but rather pounds. Kune's are little tanks and may seem smaller then they actually are.  
We'll share our feeding tips and tricks in a additional link and page soon! 
4) There are so many lines, how do you sort through or understand them?
Honestly, it's very hard to tell. The lines have crossed and crossed so many times it's hard to pin point traits to certain lines. So focus on a pig body type, and let then work to find what lines and pigs may fit that. 
5) What is COI?
COI stands for Coefficient of Inbreeding. This tracks and reads how inbred your piglet is genetically. All Kune Kune's from the US were imported and many have been crossbred, imbed in order to hone in and pin point certain traits. But with the good, also comes the bad. High COI can lead to problems with a piglets fertility, growth, and confirmation. 
WITH THAT BEING SAID. Low COI doesn't mean your piglet is amazing! Breeding just for breeding and not finding proper matches could be just as disastrous as a pig that is to far inbred. 
Many will claim to get COI as low as possible, but to us COI should be in the top three things to look at when buying breed stock, but never the first. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you a member of the American Kunekune Pig Registry and/or the American Kunekune Pig Society as a breeder?
We are registered breeders with the IKHR Registry, the International Kunekune Hog Registry. You can find the view our Breeder Registry here

2. What are the piglets you're selling's blood lines?
Currently we are working with the following bloodlines:
Boars - Mahia Love 
Why? We fell in love with this line and the length and stockiness that comes from them. We also are currently testing our Boar Jumba for wattle dominant gene!

Our Gilrs and Sows
Wilson's Gina, Tapeka, Aria Giana, Trish, Rebecca Gina, Haunene, Jenny, Rona. 
While we are not so picky on the line of our sows, we strive for very strong traits and intend on crossing offspring to hone in on such.
We look for the following in all our pigs:
A goal weight of 190+ lbs within 12 months. Strong long length with solid legs. A even steady gait with no bowing or outturning of legs that can hinder and affect the longevity of the breed. 

3. Can I view the parents' pedigrees as well as photographs of them?
Yes! We are working on taking photos of all our pigs, offspring, and setting up albums for them currently! Links will be provided or you can always email for additional photos.

4. Is the sow named after you? Are you the sire's owner?

We are still in our first generation of breeding. All offspring is the product of our farm, however our Boars and Sows have been purchased from other well established, documented, and well known breeders. 
We own -all- breedstock used as of 2022. 

5. Will this piglet be compatible with another gilt/boar that I own?
We are happy to go over the genetics with you. We do believe in ethical linebreeding to hone in on certain traits and do not focus on COI heavily as we do line breed to some extent to hone in on traits such as growth, length, solid confirmation. 

6. Could you look at pedigrees and/or talk to me about conformation so that I may make the best selection for my goals?
Of course! We love what we do and are always happy to talk pigs, genetics, breeding, feeding, and how to obtain your goals for your homestead or farm! 

7. What is your worming and/or vaccine regimen? What will be given to my piglet?
Yes, we do vaccinate our entire herd and piglets. 
Rhine X - Day 7 and 21

Iron at day 3 and 10
Circovirus day 21
Mycoplasma day 14 and 28
All piglets are dewormed 8-9 (Depending on transport) days prior to pick up date so are ready to be dewormed upon arrival at your own farm. 
Adult regiment:
Use of FarrowSure, Litterguard, Mycoplasma, Dewormer every 3 months (Ivermectin and Dectomax rotation).

8. Is my piglet guaranteed to be healthy? Is there a guarantee of reproduction?
So this is a hard question. Our pigs and piglets are vet checked quarterly and piglets are prior to leaving our farm (8-16 weeks). We are happy to share photos of the sow, boar, and piglet, or video upon request as well to show health. So yes, there is a health guarantee of 48hours with a licensed vet check. 
Why? Many things can affect a pigs health, wrong food, water, shelter. These can effect a pig within hours.
We currently do not offer or have a reproduction guarantee for our pigs, but do withhold all breeding boars till 16 weeks for full elvautation and to ensure no hernia's are present.
We will however be offering 'hold backs'. We will happily raise your pig, ensuring it hits 200in12 and then have two options: The first you after she farrows her litter and weens them you can collect your now sow. -or- after a missed heat cycle and use of pregnatone and physical test, bring her home to your farm to farrow. Pricing for such:
$1750 for Pregnant Sow
$1250 Proven Sow
$250 deposit required as well as contract. 
Email for more info

9. Will you be available to answer questions if I have any in the future?
Yes! We are always available via text, email or facebook messanger for aid with our pigs or piglets. 

10. Can we have a written contract and can you guarantee to register my piglet/transfer my pig in a fair period of time?
We are working on it so all our piglets will come Pre-registered.

11. Your records show you having so many registered pigs! How can you say you have a high cull rating and are picky with breed quality selection?
As we stated above, all our piglets we are evaluating as possible breed quality will be registered. From there we only pick the very best, and the rest will be castrated/kept as meat stock. 
-ALL- gilts will have one litter prior to processing, provided health allows such. We have found this to be a old farmers trick for producing some of the best quality and highest yield of bacon!

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