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Our Livestock and Meats

We here at Dair Farms take pride not only in our Microgreens and Veggies but in the livestock we raise. Our focus is on providing heritage breeds naturally raised on pasture and forest raised Pork and Poultry. We do not believe in tight containment, or force feeding our animals for growth, but rather let them live natural lives enjoying all the organic fermented feed, roots, greens, and bugs they could want. 
This does mean a slower growth rate for many of our animals then most factory farming, however we feel we produce a far better and higher quality of meat. 

All of our meat cuts are handled and processed by a USDA licensed facility Meatworks located in Westport MA. For buying whole hogs, we can take them to a processer of your choice in New England*.

KuneKune Pigs hail from New Zealand, in fact Kunekune means “fat and round” in the Maori language.
Our herd of carefully selected Kune Kune's hail from all across the US and some of the very best breeders and genetics. Because of this we are proud to claim we are working on joining one of the few farms that produce 200 pound pigs in 12 months with our careful genetic breeding program. 
Not only do we strive for weight and size, but in meat and loin quality. We are currently undergoing training to ultrasound our pigs to ensure we are breeding for the highest loin, and marbleization quality we can achieve. 
We offer the following for purchase from our Kune Kunes:
Whole and half hogs, raised on our farm.
Meat Piglets to raise on your own farm.
Breed Quality and consulting aid for starting your own herd.
Pet quality Kune's.
Please Email or call for Inquiry. 


Here at Dair Farms we are proud to offer two varieties of meat chickens, and then our egg birds. 
We are proud to announce that in 2022 we will be able to provide American Bresse chickens raised according to the feeding standards set by the French requirements. This mix of organic fermented grain with goats milk, from our own small goat herd,  and a slower longer growth rate helps to create some of the best tasting chicken in our opinion. And we are so very happy to be able to offer that to you in the upcoming spring season. 

We will continue to offer traditional chicken raised on our fermented organic grain in both whole and halves.

We also raise a lovely mix of colorful egg laying birds and on occasion will have excess pullets available for purchase.


We raise several breeds of duck here on the farm. Our egg ducks including Welsh Harlequin, Magpie, and Anacona's. 
These breeds are known for their amazing egg production and foraging skills which bless us with fabulous tasting eggs. 

We also raise Muscovy's which are our meat production birds. They produce some of the best tasting meat of all the duck breeds on the market used for meat. It is leaner, more tender and flavorful. Of all meat production ducks Muscovy also have the most meat on the breast by nearly 50% and nearly 50% less fat when compared to Peking and Moulard breeds.


Like all our animals, our Turkeys are no different as they are allowed to free range our farm. They are offered fermented organic grain and all the grass and bugs they want to forage for. 
We believe this produces not only a better flavor but a far better quality of meat on the bird. 
Currently we are offering a few Heritage Narraganset Turkeys as well as the more traditional Broad Breasted for the 2021 Holiday Season. 
Please email to reserve and place a deposit on yours today as we have limited number available.

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