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What differentiates you from other farms?

Our goal isn’t to produce as -much- product as possible, but rather the best quality of product possible. We utilize vertical farming methods and companion planting to create a sustainable growing cycle that is nurtured by Korean Natural Farming and our own organic growing methods.

How do you ensure that my product is as fresh as possible?

We take great pride in bringing you only the freshest Greens and Flowers possible! On delivery or market days we wake with the sun to pick, pack and deliver your orders for their peak taste and nutrition.

Do you offer delivery services?

Yes! We offer a few options:

-Local Delivery 2x a week on select days for those located within the Providence RI area. Contact us with your town for coverage! 

-Delivery for Restaurants, Catering Companies, and Grocers in all of Rhode Island, South East MA, to Boston and Worcester upon order.

-Online ordering and pick up at any of our

Farmers Market Locations.

Can I make special requests/custom order?

We can take approved custom orders with advance notice! Love our Cilantro, but wished there were a second set of leaves to fill them out. We can do that, carrots with more fern like frill, no problem! We simply ask that you reach out ASAP as some varieties may need an extra week or two to obtain such growth. Just send us an email

Are you Organic Certified?

No, at this time we have not yet earned the right to call ourselves certified organic, however we are currently working on obtaining certification. We proudly state that we use only all natural and organic farming methods as we work in pursuit of our certification!. It takes years of work, inspections, and records keeping to obtain that title.

How do you handle special orders?

We are happy to fulfill custom orders of greens! If you placed a special order for your restaurant, or catering event, these are harvested, packed, and delivered to ensure they are only a couple hours old when they arrive to your hands and your customers plates!  Remember, depending on your microgreen they are best eaten within seven days of their harvest date!

Don't see what you are looking for?

Are you looking for a certain micro or flower we currently do not carry? We will happily join in the search, just name it and we can try and find and grow it for you! Just send us a email

What is Korean Natural Farming, where can I learn more?

Korean Natural Farming (KNF) is a unique method of agriculture that goes beyond sustainability to regenerative. It does this by using the natural and local ecosystem and microorganisms that exist in your environment already to aid and produce healthy fertile soil that will increase agricultural yield, quality and remove the need for herbicides, pesticides, or non-natural fertilizers.

KNF was created by Master  Han Kyu Cho of the Janong Natural Farming institute in South Korea. It focuses on the philosophy and rationale that is rooted in generations of practical farming methods used in Asia for both crops and livestock, without the introduction of any chemical components. It is achieved using indigenous microorganism in conjunction with plant fermentations which are added to soil to help increase the soil health, structure, and fertility through balancing soil ecology, which increases the yields and quality of produce.

While there is a deep level of complexity involved in the science of KNF, creating your own IMO (Indigenous Microorganisms) is actually quite simple!

Find out more here: Garden Culture Magazine, Mother Earth News

For more information on Korean Natural Farming, please check out Chris Trump's Natural Farming.

Or for local hands on knowledge and experience, Chris Trumps student and our KNF instructor Benjamin Morgan-Dillan, who is also holding an online web seminar in April 2021 that can be found here.

Are Microgreens really a Superfood?

Yes! See Microgreens are the 'young' and 'baby or teenage' version of the adult plants we know and love for their flavor and nutritional value. But, there is an additional plus side with harvesting them so very young. You see, a seed contains all a plant needs to start it's life. So when a plant immerges and sprouts it's first leaves these plants are at their utmost peak of nutrition by weight. They have not lost the nutritional value that happens as they age and come to fruiting. This leaves us with amazing plants that have anywhere from 4 to 40 times their nutritional value when comparing them to their mature selves.

This means enhancing your food with a few greens can do amazing things for you nutritionally. They are, after all, more than just a pretty leaf!

Cited by:  Healthline, USDA, ACS Publications

Why is natural, sustainable farming important?

We feel on our small farm that sustainable agricultural practices are the only way to ensure the longevity of our earth. It helps us to protect our environment, from the soil quality to the water table and even insects and wildlife. It creates a natural balance working with mother earth instead of forcing, depleting, and pumping her full of chemicals to get the results you want. Our methods of farming create amazing, healthy, biodiversity that improves the quality of our soil and in turn the flavor and nutrition of our produce. 

Find out more here: Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, The Nature Education Knowledge Project.

Here are ten great ideas to help you start practicing sustainable agriculture on your farm!

I purchased tomatoes from you at the farmers market, can I get them year round?

We love sharing the delicious abundance of the harvest from our farm, we cherish our vast growing season. Nothing is sweeter than the first harvest of Asparagus in early spring, to a perfectly ripe Starry Night Squash from the root cellar in January. Seasonal eating is important for not only just the earth to let her rest, but to our bodies as well.

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