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Kune Kune's & Microgreens 

Dair Farms is an up and coming farm in Rehoboth MA that specializes in Microgreens, and rare 200in12 heritage pork Kune Kune pigs. Using Korean Natural Farming methods combined with organic and sustainable ideals we strive to bring the freshest, most nutritious, fun, and exciting foods to your plate.

Our dream is to make the most out of every inch of our eight acre farm. From forest foraging our Pigs between bountiful fruit trees to greenhouse grown Microgreens, we want to create a hands on learning experience for the local Bristol Community Youth. We are working toward becoming a fully sustainable and organic certified farm that utilizes these bright and bold new ideas to bring life back to one of the oldest farming towns in the US, Rehoboth MA!

Radish  - Rambo - Day16 - Artsy.jpg
Broccoli  - 17day - Artsy.jpg
Carrot - 16 - Artsy.jpg
Cilantro - Leisure Splits - 16 - Artsy.j
Kohlrabi - Purple Vienna - 16day - Artsy

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