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Wheat Grass

Wheat Grass

Red Spring Wheatgrass is one of the sweeter varieties grown, and it’s something even we enjoy a shot of daily to toast to our health.

Wheatgrass is known for its incredible source of essential minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. It contains 17 essential amino acids, and eight of them are not naturally produced by your body and can only be obtained through food.

That makes a shot of wheatgrass daily helps to promote a healthy body, and it doesn’t take much! Four Grams is all it takes to give you an amazing supportive daily does of these benefits!

We grow wheatgrass not only for our health, but for your animals! Be it from Guinea Pigs to Chickens or Goats it’s an awesome way to supply fresh healthy grain and grasses!

Bulk discount available for 10+ Trays. Shown is our 6-8" tall wheat grass. We can custom grow for less or more height to enhance sweetness or use as animal feed. Please email for more information.

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